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BORKSPEL is a VR, Multiplayer, Physics -based Puzzle Game, about Competitive Furniture Assembly for the Oculus Rift.

My Roles on the Project:

- Network/Gameplay Programmer

- Systems Designer

What I Learned/Did on the Project:

- How to Use and Extend the functionality of two Professional SDKs: Photon and Oculus.

- How to Develop Systems that allowed Physics Objects to

Synchronize over the Network.

- How to create Systems, such as the Scoring System, which utilize Server Authority.

- How to Develop Interfaces for Other Programmers to use.

- Implemented an extendable system and tools for Designers to use.

- Solo and Paired Programming to Debug/Bug-fix.

- Oversaw code reviews for the entire team.

What I Used on the Project

- C#

- Unity

- Oculus


- Perforce

- Pivotal Tracker



Code Snippets


This is the auto population physics script that takes care of synchronizing Furniture piece physics to the piece grabbed. It, when grabbed, sends out to other attached Rigibodies, which are attached via Fixed Joints, the current status of their Colliders and Rigidbodies. With said, relevant, changes also made over the Network.

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